Barriers and Opportunities for Food Security Among Ethno-cultural Communities in Edmonton

Dreams and Aspirations of Newcomer Youth: A Community Research Project 

Identifying Factors that Enhance Community Leadership: A Capacity Building Initiative

 Fostering Citizenship Education

Our Community Based Research Approach  

The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition utilizes the Ethnocultural Community Based approach to research. This is a systematic manner of gathering ethnocultural communities' information that is predominantly guided by the emerging needs within the ethnocultural communities, and whcih produce findings that help the Coalition collaborate with the respective communities to effectively respond to the most pressing issues. The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition takes great precaution in ensuring our community research is conducted in the most ethical manner possible, and that the communities approve of and feel comfortable with these efforts.

The Coalition has a research advisory committee that is comprised of individuals from various ethnocultural communities, who work in collaboration with academic researchers, to undertake research on an annual basis. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC), in consultation with members of the Coalition, identifies priority research areas for every year.s 

Our Objectives

  • Build incrementally a body of knowledge based on experiences of program participants that would inform the design of culturally responsive community engagement processes.
  • Enhance the cultural competence and participatory capacity of mainstream organizations to initiate and support intercultural collaborations with immigrant and refugee communities.

Community based research is a key component of the FCSS funded “All Together Now" program. The research adopts community-based participatory approach, with the professional researcher and community members working together as co-researchers in all aspects of the research process, from conceptualization to implementing the research through the Community-based Research Advisory Committee. Since 2005, the Coalition has conducted  the following community based research projects:

1. Environmental Scan of Ethnocultural Organizations in Edmonton 2005 (funded by the PCERII, Metropolis Project). Follow this link  SEC Vol 1 Final

2. Building Solidarity through Diversity in Edmonton’s Emerging Ethnocultural Communities (FCSS funded)Building_Solidarity_through_diversity_in_Edmonton's_Ethnocultural_communities__2010[2]

3.Community Support for Newcomers in Edmonton (FCSS funded) The experience of ethnocultural communities in supporting new comers in Edmonton2009