PROJECT NAME: Young at Heart

Project Description

Young at Heart will organize workshops and events to share experiences and perspectives and explore the coping mechanisms, impacts and diverse dimensions of individual and systemic racism. It will be shared at a large public forum by bringing together Seniors and youths from the McCauley neighbourhood. YAH will initiate an intergenerational and intercultural approach where seniors and youth from different ethnocultural communities living in the McCauley neighbourhood share their experiences around Racism. Furthermore, this project provides an opportunity for the exchange and blending of experiences and resources on anti-racism between communities.

PROJECT NAME: Count me in! Dismantling Racism, Empowering Voices and Fostering Awareness in McCauley Neighborhood

Project Description: Count Me In, proposed by the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition Association (EMCA) for promoting Equity and Social Justice, is an endeavour to address racism in the McCauley neighbourhood of Edmonton. It seeks to empower the McCauley neighbourhood by conducting local community-based participatory research involving community members (residents), including stakeholders like EPS, EFCL and local schools, focusing on understanding and dismantling individual, systemic, and structural racism. The project will culminate in a knowledge dissemination session to foster awareness among Edmontonians about the efforts of community organizations, including the Coalition, in tackling racism with an intersectional lens.

PROJECT NAME: A Thousand Steps

Project Description: A Thousand Steps, proposed by the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition Association, is a comprehensive anti-racism initiative aimed at increasing awareness of racism and equipping Edmontonians with the knowledge and tools to take action against it. This project addresses the pressing issue of racism within the McCauley Neighborhood wherein EPS will play the central role. Through a series of innovative and community-centred activities, the project seeks to build capacity within EPS and share various models of community-EPS collaboration.