EMC provides a safe platform to empower individuals and communities by building capacities, sharing stories, and getting their voices heard.


The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition (EMC) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2007 that recently became charitable in July 2021. Since its inception, EMC has worked with community leaders and organizations from ethno-cultural communities, members, the voluntary sector, and public institutions. As a result, individuals and groups from communities experience equitable access to resources and opportunities to improve their quality of life and hasten their integration into their new homeland. In addition, we have developed strong relationships with emerging immigrant and refugee community organizations through our capacity building and community animation model on activities to address racism, isolation, civic engagement, social inclusion, and equitable social integration.

We support leaders and individuals from ethno-cultural communities in strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and more broadly, their ethno-cultural communities. The coalition also fosters collaborations between ethno-cultural communities and explores working opportunities with Indigenous and mainstream/dominant communities. This approach highlights equitable social integration among diverse community members and mutual positive transformation through building a respectful relationship.

The coalition is guided by the principles of inclusion, participatory learning, intercultural relationship-building, and community capacity building.

VISION:  A strong, vibrant community strengthened through equitable and reciprocal social integration.

MISSION:  Foster greater and reciprocal social integration among all Edmontonians through positive social interactions and mutual transformation.


  • Providing capacity-building activities to help disadvantaged ethno-cultural communities overcome social exclusion, develop skills to solve problems, and act collectively to improve their lives and local conditions, including adult literacy and language instruction, skills training, and workshops;
  • Educating the general public about the culture, history, and traditions of ethno-cultural communities and increase the public’s understanding and awareness about racism and ethno-racial disparities through workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions, and public forums.

Join Us

  • To be a conduit between EMC and the City of Edmonton – Make your voice heard.
  • To co-create opportunities for you and your community to grow and flourish.
  • To learn how to engage our civic representatives to support our community needs.
  • To serve as an animator, mentor, or Board Member.
  • To influence policy development through your participation at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.
  • To improve leadership skills, knowledge, and attitudes by accepting roles or duties to gain experiential learning in meaningful leadership.
  • To contribute to making a meaningful impact in the ethno-cultural and immigrant communities of Edmonton.
  • To learn, improve, and share knowledge of how non-profit organizations work in Canada.

       1. Are you a member in good standing*?
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* Article 2.2 Good Standing means a member who has renewed her/his membership at the current AGM. Terms of Membership run from AGM to AGM.

* *Article 3.2.1 Regular Members

**Regular members shall be organizations and individuals who identify themselves as minority from ethnocultural communities in Edmonton and vicinity. **Regular members will have the right to attend Membership meetings, to vote, and to stand for election to the Board.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director at mitali@emcoalition.ca

Thank you for your interest.

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