Project Description

The Food Security Program is one of the programs initiated by the Coalition and is funded by the Edmonton Community Foundation in partnership with Multicultural Family Resource Society. The program is in its last year of a 3 year cycle. The program takes both an intercultural approach by working at the neighbourhood level and a multicultural approach by working with specific ethno-cultural communities.

This program aims to “Create sustainable solutions to reduce food insecurity among newcomer communities”. The goal of the program is twofold; addressing food insecurity in newcomer communities and community development of newcomer community members.

Program Timeline:

The project will take place between May 2016 and July 2017.

Edmonton Food Council Presentation:

Yodit shared with us the findings of the Food Security Research Project, conducted with research facilitator, Keren Tang, in 2015

Program Activities and Initiatives

Halal Food Basket Program: Provide Muslim families to access culturally appropriate Halal foods at an affordable price through community bulk buying. This is in partnership with Islamic Family Social Services Association (IFSSA) and WECAN Food Basket Society.

Food Security Animation Training: Train and/or orient community animators on community development to support their community’s food security activities.

Food Security Program Fund: Provide resources and support for 2 entho-cultural communities to addres their specific food insecurity situation.

Community Gardening: Provide resources and community development opportunities for newcomer and mainstream community members in the Kilkenny community to grow culturally appropraite foods and build relationships with community members from different cultural backgrounds.

What does Food Security mean to us?

“A seed-to-plate chain: from growing and harvesting food, to cooking food.”

To us, food security means:

  • Dialogue
  • Diversity
  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Sustainability
  • Knowing where our food comes from“A seed-to-plate chain: from growing and harvesting food, to cooking food.”
  • Our health
  • Nutrition
  • Community

Program Outcomes:

  • Ethno-cultural community members reduce food insecurity through capacity building.
  • Ethno-cultural community members have access to affordable and culturally approriate foods.
  • Ethno-cultural community members have sustainable activities to address food insecurity in their community.