Project overview:

The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition Association (EMCA) is a non-profit organization that represents culturally and linguistically diverse ethno-cultural communities in Edmonton. Among the Coalition’s current initiatives is Igniting Impact, a project funded by CSRF, which aims to promote the Coalition by enhancing, strengthening, and sustaining effective practices that improve organizational capacities. Igniting Impact will address technological gaps by modernizing the organization through the use of website development tools, digital marketing, and the creation of program-related communications and dissemination materials to promote organizational growth and visibility in the non-profit sector.

The Coalition’s mission and vision align with Igniting Impact, as the project seeks to strengthen the community through equitable social integration and positive social interactions. Enhancing the technological infrastructure will support the organization’s program delivery and day-to-day operations, thus improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Through an interactive website and a strong online presence on relevant social media platforms, the organization will be visible and accessible to stakeholders. This will enable them to participate in decision-making activities and become active members.

In conclusion, the EMCA’s Igniting Impact project is an essential initiative that seeks to promote the Coalition’s growth, visibility, and efficiency through the adoption of modern technological tools. The project’s alignment with the Coalition’s mission and vision ensures that it will advance the organization’s goals and contribute to the Edmonton community’s development.