Edmonton Multicultural Coalition Accessibility and Usability statement

  • Our pages are simple, consistent and stylistic throughout the website.
  • We have used HTML as the default information format; it is adaptable to XML and XHTML.
  • We have avoided browser-specific HTML or scripting which means our pages are viewable with all modern browsers.
  • We have used text colour only where it contrasts with background.
  • We have used clear, commonly used fonts.  For keyboard access, check your browser such as outlook for instructions.
  • We have used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format and style basic elements of our website.
  • All font sizes defined in the CSS are fully customizable by the end user.
  • All colours used are fully customizable by the end user.
  • Except for photo gallery, all important images have ‘alt’ attribute meaningfully described.
  • End users can download appropriate audio software to convert text into audio. Try Browsealoud
  • We will endeavour to provide an alternative text version of any information offered in audio or video format
  • Our web pages comply with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) ‘A’ standard
  • Please report any problems with either accessibility or usability to the