Raison d’etre

Build and sustain a pool of skilled community animators who can engage immigrant and refugee communities to articulate their needs and aspirations and find ways to meet these needs and fulfill their aspirations.

Who are Community Animators

Community animators work with people and groups so that they participate in and manage the communities in which they live. Animators come from the Latin word “animere” which means to breathe life into something. A community animator uses his/her skills and talents to enable people and groups to learn from each other and take action on their needs and aspirations.

Role of a Community Animator

  1. The Community Animator is a change agent in the community and within the community.
    • Invests time and knowledge for change
    • Believes and strives for democracy
    • Facilitates a process where communities can have a voice
  1. The Community Animator is an organizer in the community.
  • Helps community leaders and members identify their concerns and aspirations
  • Brings people together to dialogue, plan and take action
  • Supports community activities
  1. The Community Animator builds bridges within the community, among different communities and with organizations and institutions that are impacting community life.
  • Connects multicultural communities on common needs and concerns
  • Links multicultural communities with the broader Canadian society
  • Represents the interests of his/her community