Management and Staff

Through his life-long commitment to social justice and progressive social change, Phil has worked in a variety of capacities in government and the non-profit sector, especially in the areas of health, housing and social policy. Phil has conducted research on the social determinants of health and advocated to provincial decision makers for the adoption of this approach. At the City of Edmonton, Phil contributed to the development of a comprehensive affordable housing strategy and made recommendations to City Council addressing the concentration of non-market housing in inner city neighbourhoods. While at the Edmonton Social Planning Council, he conducted research on and advocated for issues linked to poverty and was the Edmonton lead on a national social inclusion research initiative. He has worked on diverse projects as a consultant in the areas of homelessness, health of refugees and immigrants, early childhood education and organizational governance.

As a volunteer he has sat on the boards of 12 non-profit organizations and was chair of 8. As past chair he helped the Bissel Centre shift its focus from providing programs and services to a vision of eliminating poverty in Edmonton. He has helped many non-profit organizations throughout Alberta improve their governance practices through his role as a volunteer board instructor. Over the past decade he has taught courses in managing organizational change at MacEwan University and program planning and evaluation at the University of Alberta.

Phil has an MSc in Health Promotion from the University of Alberta and has completed the course work in a PhD program in Human Ecology, also at the U of A.

Yodit Tesfamicael, Coalition Project Coordinator

Yodit was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta to Eritrean parents who arrived in Canada in the late 1980's. She developed an interest in community work and culture from her involvement with the multicultural communities here in Edmonton and through her academic studies. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Throughout her university career, Yodit volunteered and worked with non-profit organizations that served new comer and refugee populations in Edmonton. Yodit takes great interest in community development and in particular minority and ethno-cultural communities. Yodit aspires to make a positive impact to the members of the Coalition and the wonderful communities she gets to meet! Yodit currently works with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition as a Project Coordinator and is excited to be working with a great organization that advocates for equitable access and opportunities for ethno-cultural communities. 


Outreach Coordinator: Melanie Möbius

Melanie was born and raised in Germany and moved to Canada in September 2015. She graduated from the University of Hamburg (Germany) with a Master’s Degree, double majoring in Political Science and English Literature, Language and Culture. Being an immigrant herself, coming from a professional background in social and market research and having volunteered for several not-for-profit societies, Melanie developed an interest in the community development work and especially multicultural organisations. Being able to connect her career with the possibility of giving back to society and sharing her experience as a newcomer to this country are the major reasons that drive Melanie in her work with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition. As a Program Outreach Coordinator, she is in charge of the Neighborhood Intercultural Connections Program, a new approach of the Coalition that aims at geographical neighborhoods and at connecting residents and newcomers within their neighborhood. Melanie is very excited to be part of the Coalition and to work in the very diverse environment that Edmonton offers!


Community Animator Coordinator: Mitali Banerjee

Mitali first came to Canada in October 2008 as a temporary foreign worker from Boston, USA to work for University of Alberta. She was born to Indian parents and did her Ph.D in Zoology from Bose Institute, Calcutta, India. Later she gained two postdoctoral experiences in transfusion medicine and cryopreservation from University of California, Davis and Harvard Medical School/ Shriners Hospital for Children/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. Mitali worked for Sikh Federation of Edmonton (SFE), a non-profit organization as a Settlement counselor once she got her permanent residency status in 2012. While working for SFE she came across people from different walks of life and listened to their issues and plights and helped them to settle and integrate in the Canadian society…..their new home away from home! Mitali’s current engagement with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition as Community Animator Coordinator aims at community development, empowerment and building the capacity of ethno-cultural communities by unlocking and maximizing the potential of the community animators. Mitali enjoys meeting and interacting with people at a very personal level and tries to help them in whatever little way she can. 


Administrative Assistant: Hadeel Othman

Having been born and raised in Edmonton all her life, Hadeel Othman has had a constant involvement in her community. The daughter of Palestinian immigrants, she has been involved in multicultural communities from an early age, particularly in the muslim community. Hadeel graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and with a minor in Sociology. She hopes to research and pursue a strategy that will encourage community development and active citizenry in the ethno-cultural community.  Initially, she started at the coalition as a Volunteer, and is now the Administrative Assistant for the organization.