Advice and Guidance

The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition offers information, advice and guidance to newcomers as part of community empowerment.  Often newcomers to Edmonton or Canada face an uphill task establishing relevant networks to help them settle quickly.  Our information, advice and guidance service covers all aspects of settlement and includes the following areas:

  • Job search
  • Referral for career assistance
  • Referral for access and eligibility to welfare services such as:
    • Public Housing
    • Employment Insurance (EI)
    • Workman Compensation Board
    • Long Term Disability
    • Health Services
    • Education and Training
    • Civic and legal services

If you would like to benefit from this service, you may contact us by any of the following ways:

  • Visit our offices at 114-9538 107 Ave, Edmonton AB T5H 0T7
  • Phone us on 780-760-1973
  • Click here to send us an email


The Coalition runs a mentorship program for newcomers to Canada to help them put a foot in the labour market through provision of information, advice and support.  Our mentorship program is a combined effort by staff, animators and volunteers who have the knowledge and experience in their particular area of specialization willing and able to share these experiences with newcomers to Canada.  Together, we are able to offer guidance to individuals exploit their potential by understanding the Canadian workplace culture in order to excel and prosper.

We use a combination of approaches including, motivation, networking, one on one sessions ,volunteer oppurtunities, job shadowing and training workshops to enable the mentee to develop a realistic vision for his/her future career path.  As a multicultural organization, we pride ourselves in having a pool of mentors from diverse backgrounds.

The mentorship program is flexible and informal but we encourage both mentors and mentees to devote a sustained period of time for the process to be meaningful and yield results. If we cannot provide career specific mentorship in-house, we shall make every effort to refer you to a suitable organization that can help you.

Mentoring is a personal relationship with benefits to both mentor and mentee.  The benefits of mentorship to the general economy are immense but specifically, benefits accruing to the mentor include enhancing his/her managerial and leadership skills and widening knowledge of other cultures.