This project reflects the southern African concept of “Ubuntu” meaning to help one another, to help one’s neighbour and do the right thing for others in the community who are in need. The project aim is to bring together ethno-cultural communities so they can share their struggles and experiences, learn from one another and apply practical learning opportunities. 10 ethno-cultural communities working together with a community Animator are involved in the project.

Project Goals 

  • Build capacity of these community based organisations  to support their community members
  • Provide an opportunity to apply for seed grant funding
  • A sharing circle, where community members can connect with each other and service providers

Project Activities:

  • Training workshops: communities are trained on various topis in project management and resource mobilization. This training takes the approach of train-the-trainer and includes an action learning component where participants identify project ideas that address issues in the communities
  • Seed grants to community animators to begin building capacity within their own communities through small scale projects.
  • Project mentorship to community run projects: On going mentorship and one-on-one training has been provided by the Coalition staff
  • Sharing cirle, where community members can connect with each other and service providers.